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Deluxe deshed-groom room-mobile dog grooming

      • Undercoat Blow Out
      • Ear Cleaning
      • Bath with De-Shed Shampoo
      • Soaking of Conditioner
      • Finish Blow Drying
      • Nail Trimming
      • Spritz (scent spray)

Pricing varies with size, breed, severity of shedding, and temperament of the dog.


0-10 pounds:     $50
11-20 pounds:    $55-65
21-40 pounds:    $70-90
41-50 pounds:    $90-110
51 pounds +:      $90 +


Bandanas, bows, or bow ties are included with a full groom or deluxe de-shed. It gives your pup a cute or handsome final touch. They will look fabulous for all to see!

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