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Deluxe Bath

  • Nails & Ear Cleaning
  • Shampoo & Conditioner (if needed)
  • Blow/Fluff Drying, Brushing & Scented Spritz 

Pricing varies with size, hair length, breed, and temperament of the dog.


0-10 pounds:     $40
11-20 pounds:    $45-55
21-40 pounds:    $60-80
41-50 pounds:    $80-100
51 pounds +:      $80 +

If you request a Deluxe Bath and your dog is matted, a Full Groom will be recommended. An extra de-matting fee will be applied.

Matted bath dogs will be accepted or denied solely by our discretion.

For mobile services, a fee of $7 will be added per appointment of up to two dogs. The mobile fee for three or more dogs is $13. This helps ensure vehicle maintenance, diesel fuel, generator fuel, and any toll charges are covered.